Friday, April 13, 2007

This is for you La, you goof ;)

This is the challenge from the Sweet Shoppe from our blog to yours. It is hosted by Lauren Grier. I am on her CT and she is nutty! and chocolatey hmmmm...chocolate :) Anyways I am to answer these silly questions for the challenge so here goes:

* question #1 who’s your dreamy dreamy steamy hottie (and hubby’s don’t count) don’t just answer.. post up a picture, I need eye candy!

Ok I have to choose just one :( If I had to choose who gets my motor revving more than any other steamboat I would have to say Jesse Bradford. Yes I know that he was in the stupid teeny bopper "Bring it On." He is way hot though!! I especially loved his star tatt! I have a thing for star tatts. I don't even know if it is real, but who cares ;) He is just scrumptious
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* question#2 what is the goofiest thing you’ve said/done this week?

Asher you get one treat for peeing and 3 treats for pooing! :) (He is potty training)

* question #3 If I (or some random other person, as I can’t really answer this properly otherwise haha) walked into your house RIGHT NOW, what would embarrass you the most (be it an item, a mess, your fridge.. whatever)?

That my house is sooo cluttered and I freaking don't even care! I am so sick and tired of trying to keep up with it and the kids messing it up in 5 seconds flat. I wish I had a house keeper or horse tranquilizers for my kids :)

* question #4 what creepy things do you have living (or growing.. ) under your bed (due to lack of cleaning of course ;) )?

Same with La, I don't usually sleep there but I know there are some SERIOUS dust bunnies breeding under there!

* question #5 have you ever done a drive by fart in the super market? Did anyone notice?

I don't know what a "drive by fart" is but I have farted in a store. I don't remember caring if anyone noticed. After having two kids it's really hard to keep them in so I gave that up a long time ago.

* question #6 Finish this sentence… If I were a duck__________.

I would say "quack".....A LOT!! and I would swim and migrate and all that crazy duck stuff, seriously La, WTF is that? just kidding :)

* question #7 google it … dude do it! ” your name is” __

I am guessing this means my name. I googled my name and I was in the movie "Daddy Daycare" I must have really high on drugs because I don't remember it at all and I don't remember getting a paycheck!

* question #8 what colour are your underwear?


* question #9 if you could be with anyone right now, who would it be? why? (I’m not talking dirty here people.. stay with me, focus! lol)

With my family and friends back home, I miss them so much!

* question #10 close your eyes, what do you see? (well, not SEE see.. obviously, work with me, it’s 230am :P )

Nothing silly! Just black nothingness.

That's it! That's all she wrote, thanks La that was fun :)


Lauren Grier said...

wooooo :D see, you love me... you really do, participate in my goofiness and all haha


MrsG said...

Hi girl, just dropping by. It's beth (kewl_jive). Have a great weekend! :)

KirstieGai said...

lol on the potty training, can totally relate

Emilie said...

LOL! So funny Jaime!!!

Kristin Saegaert said...

Thanks for your kind words on my blog about my books! Love your layouts too! And your humor! Would love to consider a trade after I crawl out of my custom order stack I'm happily working/creating through! Good luck with the potty training!