Monday, February 26, 2007

I am PUNKY!!!

It is official as of today, I am on Lauren Grier's "Punky Girl" creative team at the Sweet Shoppe! I am so excited and can't believe that I was chosen. Lauren's style is so fresh and funky, I love it! I get to sport the cute blinkie everywhere I go:
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I worked with her collaboration kit with Shawna Clingerman called Extreme Collection. I used the skater kit:
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Here is the whole collection, it is perfect for those with boys!
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And she and Shawna also made this adorable new girly kit called Inverted Doodle Love (inside joke on the name, don't ask) ;)
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I can't wait to use it! I almost forgot to post my page I made with the skater kit:
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It was so nice to have Aaron home with us today :) YAY!!! We had a fun day and even went to the park to feed the ducks and play at the playground! Cute pics coming soon.

Friday, February 23, 2007

A Better Day

Today I had a little melt down. I had to take both of the kids to the store by myself! What a nightmare that was. Asher decided to throw a tantrum right in the store. I am trying to smile and act like it didn't bother me while inside I was just boiling. On the way home he fell asleep and I thought oh good if he sleeps he will be in a better mood. So after taking Violet upstairs and getting him inside still asleep I thought I was home free. I put him down in his bed and instantly he woke up and started screaming like a crazy person. I got really angry and started yelling. I hate it when I do that. I just couldn't take any more. Aaron woke up and I was storming in and out of the house bringing in the groceries. Aaron told me to take a break and go and get some lunch somewhere, but I had just bought some tuna fish and I really wanted a tuna sandwich LOL! I finally calmed down and felt much better, I think I just needed to vent. I know it is not the most healthy way to resolve an issue but that is what it took today. Aaron helped me out with the dishes, and man that made my day. It has been so hard trying to do it all by myself and it made me feel so much better. Just one less thing to do. I can't wait until we get a dishwasher. Well I did not get to scrap today at all, kinda bummed about that but I don't really have any inspiration today. I was so excited when I went to Catscrap today and they have a darling new freebie!
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I can't wait to use it! Just need the perfect photo. Well, I don't have any cute kid quips today because I was annoyed with them for most of the day, and I was pretty boring today. Until next time.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

What a day

Today was a trying day for me. I am feeling so much stress of doing everything by myself for this last week. I am so worn out and tired from never getting a break from the kids. The house is a mess, which I do and don't care about. I care because I really hate things not being neat and tidy, but I don't care because as soon as I clean something it seems like within an hour it looks just like it did before. I swear the kids are so messy and into everything. I just don't understand other women who seem to have it all together and you go to their homes and they have young children and everything is neat and clean and their children are behaving. My kids on the other hand are launching themselves off of the couch, tearing the wallpaper off of the wall, throwing food everywhere...etc. We saw Aaron for only about an hour today. He slept until 1 and then had to shower and be off by 2. He came home for lunch and stayed for about an hour. I cried and cried when he left. I don't know what I am going to do when residency comes. I need to become strong somehow but I don't know where to start.

On a happier note we did do some fun things today. When the kids woke up they both played in Violet's crib and stuck their little toes and fingers out for me to kiss. They thought that was great fun. We mulled around the house for a bit and then it dawned on me that it was a gorgeous day and we should get some fresh air. I went and got all the yard toys out and we had a ball in the backyard. It was pick up day for the trash and the truck came by and Asher was enthralled to say the least. He stood right at the fence and just watched in amazment. The truck driver even honked and waved. What a treat for Asher, he is such a boy's boy. Violet was just content with getting in and out of the play car and going up and down the steps. (That girl and steps, my word!) I scrapped a bit this afternoon. Misty Mareda came out with this darling kit called "Curiosity" that is just perfect for Asher. I used it to scrap this page about when we first moved here and went to the St. Louis airshow.:
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Other credits are:
Nancy Comelab:
"On the Edge" template
Meredith Fenwick:
"Digi Supply Closet-paint strokes"
Jenn Patrick:
"Backwards Staple" (These freaking RULE!!!)
Traci Murphy:
Drop Shadows
Font is 1942 report

I also started scrapping a page about when I used to nurse Asher and he would fall asleep during it and his cute little body sitting up while I would burp him. Oh seeing that photo makes my heart ache. I miss him being my little baby. I will post it when it is all finished. I applied last night for a position on Lauren Grier's creative team. That would be so wonderful, I love her style. I will hear back in a couple weeks for the decision. Well I am pooped and need some sleep badly, so until tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Yay, my second post!

I can't believe I am actually doing this journal thing two days in a row! Last night I went shopping at Toni Berman's store ( We did a trade, I made her a custom beaded key chain in exchange for some goodies from her shop! What an awesome deal! Here is the key chain that I made:
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and here are the things that I got from her shop:
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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She is so talented and couldn't be nicer! Also on the 19th of this month I had a little TOOT! Over at Memory Makers magazine they have an idea gallery. I submitted one of my layouts and they chose it for the layout of the day there! Here is the layout the displayed:
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Flower overlay:Berna Datema "Bohemian Gipsy" (
Paper:"Sky Limit" Freebie (
Stamped Alpha: Michelle Coleman "Hand Stamped" Freebie from her blog (
Jeweled Brads: Gina Miller freebie October Sampler (
Date Stamp: Miss Mint "Memory Date Stamps" (
Staple: Freebie from (

Meredith Fenwick( just came out with these awesome goodies and I can't wait to use them:
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Today was a wonderful day I must say. This morning Asher came in to our room and said "Mommy, I am hungry." I said "Ok just a minute." So he didn't come back for a while and I accidentally fell back asleep. When he came back he had brown all over his face and hands. I asked him what he had eaten (fearing the worst) and he said ice cream. There was a left over empty container that was in the garbage so according to him he would have gotten into the rancid nasty carton and eaten the disgusting remains. I however can't figure out how he got the lid back on perfectly. I mean come on the kid is only 3. So I just don't know. What I do know is that I should never be sleeping while that child is awake. So we all got up and dressed and then went over to my friend Jessica's for lunch. She made us a delicious lunch of chicken salad sandwiches rolled in walnuts! We had a yummy spritzer drink of punch and ginger ale. She sure knows how to treat a girl! It was just like a tea party (without any tea) ;) Then we went over to the park to feed the ducks with the kids. They had an absolute ball! Asher was so hilarious. He kept running over to the ducks and saying things like "Hi ducks, my name is Asher, what's your name" It was really funny. We went and played at the playground. I have noticed that Violet is a little dare devil and will try anything while Asher is much more reserved about heights. Violet loved the slide and just kept going up and down. Asher likes to explore much more and interact with the other kids. He kept introducing himself to everyone there. He found a little boy his own age and they started a trek up the stairs to the highest slide. About halfway up he stopped and turned to the other boy and said "We made it! My name is Asher, what's your name?" How cute is he? He just makes me smile that boy! He can be so frustrating and right as you are about to lose your mind he goes and does the cutest thing that just makes you melt. We came home just in time to see Aaron up and about and getting ready to go back into work. I am so dreading residency. I can hardly stand one week of seeing him only 45 minutes a day, I can't even fathom 4 more years. I am just so discouraged about this lately. It is really just so hard to be away from home and be alone all the time. It is so much harder with two little ones so close in age I am sure. I also remembered a really gross but funny thing that Asher said a while back. He has recently started the disgusting habit of picking his nose and eating it. So gross I know. Well the other day I caught him in the act and told him that it was yucky to eat your boogers and that he shouldn't do it. He looked at me in total seriousness and said "No Mommy, boogers are Gooitious (Delicious)!" I was trying so hard not to crack up because I really do think it is foul but I couldn't help it and started giggling like crazy. The way he says delicious is so cute. Oh and Violet has started to say other people's names not in her family! She knew Ava and Jessica's names and was calling to them all afternoon. baby is not a baby anymore no matter how much I will it to be. I am having such a hard time letting this one go. In the back of my mind I think it's because I want another baby, but I know that emotionally, financially, every other way it is not a possibility. I don't really think that I want to start the kids thing again after residency as Asher and Violet will be much older then. Who knows...I won't eliminate the thought completely. Well, I need to get the kiddos to bed, I am proud of my accomplishment of posting two days in a row and am motivated to do more. It actually feels very good to get all of my feelings and the memories down on "paper." Until tomorrow then.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Here is my first go!

I have decided that the only way that I am going to "journal" is going to have to be on the computer. I can type twice as fast as I can write and it is actually enjoyable for me. I already regret all the things that I have never written down and have forgotten, mainly in regards to the kids but hey, I gotta start somewhere right? Well gee, I have been online at Digishoptalk too much today when I should be doing other cleaning my house. Emmy was in town since last Thursday so I have really slacked off. It was so good to see her and spend time with her. I just miss her so much. We got to do some fun things with the kids. We went to the Science Center on Saturday. That was such a blast! I've decided that Aaron and I should get a sitter and go alone so we can do all the cool stuff! The kids loved it and I think we will have to go back real soon. You can't beat the free price tag either! So I am hating this week because Aaron has to work the night shift. He is literally gone all the time. He goes in to the hospital for lectures at 3 p.m. and doesn't get home until about 9 the next morning. He sleeps until 1 or 2 and then has to shower and go back in again. So we see him a whopping 45 minutes in a 24 hour period. It sucks ROYALLY! I can't wait until this whole medical school adventure is behind us. I just never knew how hard it was going to be. It is really hard on the kids too. Mostly Asher. He cries and cries when Aaron leaves and carries on for sometimes up to two hours! The kids are at a really hard stage right now...and so am I LOL! I just feel like I have no patience and snap at them way too much. I am really trying to be more patient but it feels like I am losin it man!(insert crazy eye twitching here) Well, I had better go and get the kiddos fed and in bed. I am going to try and pimp this thing out so that I will want to come and blog everyday. I recently read a post by the gal who owns digishoptalk and she said she wanted to document all the "small things." It hit me like a ton of bricks that even though I am scrapping I am really only getting the bigger events in the kids lives and while those are important I really want to remember all the really cute things that they say every day. Now I can't do this today...I have already forgotten. Sad isn't it? Well I'd better be off now. Adios.